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What are the Bonus Buy Slots? Are They Really Worth the Money?

What are the Bonus Buy Slots? Are They Really Worth the Money?

Slots are one of the key attractions of any casino. People spend hours playing slots every day. Most of them just go through hundreds of spins in the boring base game just to reach the rewarding bonus round. Now think, if you have the option to entirely skip the base rounds and directly move to the bonus rounds, wouldn’t it save hours of your time?

This is where bonus buys slots come into the play. It offers you a shortcut to the entertaining bonus round in exchange for money. Apart from some controversy, players love this newer format of slots.

An Introduction to Buy-in Bonus

The funda is quite simple here. You buy your shortcut ticket for direct entry into the bonus rounds. That way you save a lot of time which otherwise will be spent on the regular rounds. 

The authority of buying into the bonus round is increasingly becoming prevalent in the new slots. The reason behind it is the growing user demand. Expect the Blitz attribute(which isn’t available in the UK); it is the compelling bonus rounds that make up for the rather uninteresting base gameplay.

You have to buy in with a sum of money, which usually is a couple of times higher than your average stake.

Is It Worth Buying?

Bonus rounds do payoff thousand of times of stake. However, the payoffs are inconsistent just like any other casino game. Winning a bulk is a matter of luck. You can’t control by applying any external measure. There is a fair chance of losing the bet and return to the base level of the game. That way your multiplied bet will be gone, which can be pretty demoralizing for any player.

When we do the math for both the normal and the buy-in slots, Return to Player (RTP) is more significant in the later version. As said earlier, the possibility of a jackpot is much higher in the buy-in bonus rounds. For example, Medusa Megaways Slot offers up to 50000x stake as the jackpot. That kind of deal can change your life in one night. 

So, the answer to the question in subheading depends on your risk-taking ability. If you have the bankroll to support an 80x stake spending and willing to take the risk, you should go for it. It makes the game far more interesting. However, if you don’t feel the need to take a chance of putting a massive bet on a single roll, you always have the comparatively less-risky base game. 

Downsides of Bonus Buy Slots

Like every other game, there are a few downsides of buy-in bonus slots. In some games, you might not even get to the bonus round because of the game’s nature. One good example of such games is Vikings Unleashed. Even after buying-in, you might get bombed out before reaching the bonus round and left with nothing. After all, that money spent and excitement building, being left with absolutely bitter. 

Try any of these to get experience with buy-in slots. Buying in could be a costly affair. So use your resources wisely and gamble responsibly. 


Name: What are the Bonus Buy Slots? Are They Really Worth the Money?
Author: Cosmic Casino
Published Date: 29/11/2019

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