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Types of Slot Games You Should Explore

Gone are the days when table games and other types of gambling were highly popular in the casinos. Today, slot games are gaining immense popularity all across the globe. Why not? After all, there isn’t any game in which a gambler can expect to make thousands of bucks in a single spin of the reel (except for slots).

Types of Slot Games You Should Explore

Of course, there is a risk involved but what gains their interest is the various types of exciting slots that come with amazing jackpots and bonuses. Of course, most of the gamblers play slot games to earn their life-changing win. Perhaps, the hope of getting the pockets filled with millions of bucks is all that keeps the gamblers interested in slots. This is the reason why these games appear at the top of the gambling lists.

Different Types of Games in the Slot Machine Game Family

A few decades ago, the term “slot machine” meant nothing but casual mechanical slot games of chance. It was known for featuring three spinning wheels (each one highlighted with some fruit symbols). The payout wasn’t that great and the users wouldn’t get a replay option. But this isn’t the picture today. 

In today’s advanced gambling world, you get to choose from a wide range of casino games from the slot machine family that offer handsome payouts and exciting bonuses. Let’s have a look at some major types of games that come under the slot game family and are worth giving a shot.

Video Poker

Video Poker is a five-card draw game. The game hand-out five cards to each player and challenges the players to make the biggest Poker hand. The bigger your Poker hand, the more bucks you win. In simple terms, the payout depends on the strength of your cards. Most of the traditional games provide a special advantage to the house, but to make the game unbiased, some Video Poker games can eliminate the house.

Video Bingo

Video Bingo is not based on the reel-style slot games that are usually available on conventional slots, instead, it involves an electronic video card. There are plenty of Video Bingo slots that are super interesting but the two most popular games include Latin and American Bingo. While Latin Bingo (featuring 3*5 cards as well as 75 balls) is largely played in Europe and Mexico, the latter (featuring 5*5 cards and 90 balls) is famous in Canada and the United States.


The name “Pachislo” is derived from the Japanese term Pachinko. On combining Pachislo and Slot machine, the experts came up with this unique name. The game is pretty famous in Japanese casinos. According to the Japanese laws, Pachislo must include three reels along with a three coin maximum wager. Besides, it must feature a special button that the users can press in order to manually stop the wheel. The spin is stopped within 0.19 second of the press. It provides amazing benefits to the gamblers, especially the professional wagers, who knows when should they press the button to stop the spin at the right time.


Multi-line slot games initially got famous in the Australian Casinos. However, their exciting features and amazing bonuses made them a great part of the American casino sector. In these slot games, gamblers get the choice to choose the number of paylines they would like to play as well as the number of coins they are willing to put at stake. The experts often suggest risking a coin on each payline as this won’t let you miss out on some big earning and winning combinations.

These are the famous slot machine games that give you a golden opportunity to have unlimited casino fun. In order to try your luck, hit the virtual casino or download the casino application on your smartphone and get started with the slot games. Good Luck!


Name: Types of Slot Games You Should Explore
Author: Cosmic Casino
Published Date: 29/06/2019

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