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The Ultimate Guide to Jackpot Games and Winning the Jackpot

The Ultimate Guide to Jackpot Games and Winning the Jackpot

A jackpot technically means a large amount of prize money won through playing a game. Winning a jackpot not only boosts the income of the player but also develops the playing spirit and helps in refining the game strategy. Jackpots are sometimes so huge in amount they practically change the life of the winning player. It can basically turn a beggar into a billionaire. Let us divulge into the world of jackpot and see how one can change one’s life for good.

There are many varieties of jackpots namely –

Local Jackpots Games

These are comprised of the bets made by players at a specific casino.

Network or Pooled Jackpot Games

This jackpot comprises of bets made by players across all casinos that host the game in question. These jackpot games are one of the largest jackpot games because so many players’ bets contribute towards the prize amount.

This jackpot has no upper limit hence, the potential jackpot continues to grow.

Progressive Jackpot Games

These types of jackpot games offer the jackpot to increase each time any player either in the same casino or across the entire network of linked slots makes a bet. The prize money at stake here is dependent on time and volume. Progressive jackpots are not just confined to slot machines and Video Poker. Poker games like Caribbean Stud Poker have progressive jackpots and some online casinos offer progressive versions of Blackjack, Roulette, and other casino games.

Standalone Progressive Jackpot

This jackpot is generally confined to a single machine. With each progressing bet, a certain percentage is added to such jackpots and it rises. Since such types of jackpots are localized to a single machine, players have to keep playing the game till they win or else another player might play that specific machine and hit the jackpot.

Proprietary Progressive Jackpot

This online jackpot has a bigger jackpot than normal and is also known as an independent jackpot. The featured jackpot prize is normally offered by a casino via a network of linked gaming machines. The jackpot prize is boosted by multiple players as they play.

Wide Progressive Jackpot

Such jackpots are usually hosted by the biggest online casinos across the globe and are linked to numerous machines spread out on a large scale across many countries. Such online jackpot also boasts of extremely low odds. Still, they are quite popular, especially among players who love taking risks.

Fixed Jackpots

This type of jackpot does not fluctuate or grow. Slots with a fixed jackpot provide the chance to take home a fixed sum during gameplay. This is referred to as a cash pot jackpot. These types of jackpot games are lucrative to players who are looking to win constantly.

Slots with Multiple Jackpots

Some slot games feature more than one jackpot, for example, Mega Moolah. These multiple jackpots are usually triggered through bonus rounds that set off a chain reaction giving the player more and more rounds. In other cases, jackpots can be triggered completely at random during regular gameplay.

One can also play some jackpot slots for free, so got to know the game inside out before deciding to make a deposit.

Jackpot Games Advantages

  • One can look forward to some nice payouts if you are a consistent player in mystery progressive games.

  • Some progressive slots offer players jackpots worth millions of dollars.

  • High rolling players will receive bonuses and comps along the way.

  • Players have a chance to win top money when they win the big jackpot at stake in progressives.


Besides offering a chance to the player to play for the ultimate jackpot, jackpot games also offer a chance to the players to raise their winnings by earning a lot of other features. Casinos also offer free drinks, hotel stays, meals, limousine transportation, and bottle service to regular players. Jackpot gaming sites also feature cash back, free spins, merchandise, and deposit bonuses to its players. Changes in technology, leading to inter-connected games, has allowed online casinos to offer bigger and bigger jackpots. So, what are still waiting for? Delve into the world of iGaming and make the most of the games by claiming exciting bonuses and promotions. 


Name: The Ultimate Guide to Jackpot Games and Winning the Jackpot
Author: Cosmic Casino
Published Date: 29/12/2019

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