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Secrets Of The Roulette Wheel Uncovered

In the world of gambling, there is simply nothing as iconic as a Roulette wheel! Indeed, the sight of the spinning wheel itself could be rightfully regarded as hypnotic!

Secrets Of The Roulette Wheel Uncovered

Anyway, it turns out that there are quite a few wheel secrets that are worth knowing. Such secrets will no doubt prove very useful to all gamblers and Roulette lovers who wish to win more and enjoy the game to the max.

A choice few of these secrets are as follows:

Secrets That Lead to Predictable Spins

  • Wear and tear – The Roulette wheel is in motion for a large part of its life. Unless the wheel is rotated daily, the ball release point will be essentially the same, with this resulting in the ball track being more worn in places than in others. This wear and tear cause a difference in performance, with this difference becoming significant over time. Should a casino decide to rotate the wheel at the end of every spin, even that drastic course of action cannot prevent uneven wear. This is precisely why there are dominant diamonds on every Roulette wheel, with this referring to diamonds that hit more often than they should. The savvy player finds the dominant diamond on the wheel and bets on this for consistent wins.

  • Wheel design – While Roulette wheels are precisely constructed from premium materials, there is really no way that they can be designed to make all spins 100% random. In fact, about the only totally random Roulette wheels in existence are the virtual sort found in some casinos. Since the results of physical Roulette wheels are not truly random but influenced by design defects, all players have to do is to find a way to nullify the relatively small house edge. Once this is done, the player holds a decisive edge that can assure some good payouts.

  • Casino staff – The majority of the casino staff have a poor understanding of Roulette. They are thus incapable of grasping ways in which players can tweak the game for consistent wins. Most modern casinos employ software that helps them recognise when their Roulette wheels are producing predictable results. However, this result requires weeks-worth of spins for accurate data analysis. In that time, the sly bias wheel player could have waltzed in and made a killing. Most casinos are behind the curve and struggling to catch up and this is a Roulette wheel secret that is well worth taking advantage of.

Keep Spinning

As most gamblers know, there are two main Roulette versions – American and European. However, while the American Roulette version does have a higher house edge than its sibling, this matters little to the professional Roulette players.

Such players are by various means able to consistently and correctly predict the winning numbers. This essentially wipes out the house edge and assures the most steady wins.

Winning steadily at Roulette is however not recommended, as most casinos do not like it. Players who for whatever reason are able to record consistent wins at any casino might even find themselves accused of cheating and banned.

The Wheel of Fate

The Roulette wheel industry is dominated by Abbiati, Cammegh and John Huxley. The last is the oldest wheel manufacture on the list and possibly the most respected.

Professional Roulette players take note of wheel models and study their every detail. This helps them figure out how to beat the wheel and go home with the bacon.

There are a lot of wheel secrets out there that professional Roulette players have long been capitalising on. A few of such secrets are detailed above and make for an amazing reading.


Name: Secrets Of The Roulette Wheel Uncovered
Author: Cosmic Casino
Published Date: 29/07/2019

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