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Roulette Rules And Betting Systems For Beginners

One casino gambling game that has caught the eye of many gamblers is the game of Roulette. You may have an American or European styled game with the former consisting of 36 numbers and a couple of zeros while the latter has 36 numbers with a single zero. Understanding how this casino game is played starts with you appreciating the Roulette rules from the onset. This article gives an insight into some of the Roulette rules and highlights in-game strategies you can adopt.

Roulette Rules And Betting Systems For Beginners

Roulette Rules for a Typical Roulette Game

A typical Roulette game comprises of a numbered Roulette wheel. The Roulette rules for the numbering system differs in both European and American styled Roulette games. With the former, you have 37 numbers (including one zero) while the latter comes with 38 numbers (including two zeros). The 37 or 38 numbers are displayed in either red or black colours while the zero or zeros are green. Every Roulette game has a betting range which is shown on the Roulette table. 

Inside and outside Bets

There are several bets that you can place in a Roulette game. One of the Roulette Rules is that players can place either Inside or Outside bets. The bets that you can place are the same whether you are playing online or offline. 

Each bet has its relative payout rate and typically, Inside bets have higher payouts, but with lesser odds. For land-based casinos, players are required to place bets that are 5x the minimum allowed table bets for “Even-Money”, “Dozens” and “Lines” bets.

Inside Bets:

  • Straight Up bet: This is an Inside Bet in which a player places his/her chips on one of the 37 or 38 numbers on the Roulette table. Usually, these chips are kept right in the middle of the chosen number pocket and do not touch other numbered pockets or lines. The payout for this bet is 35 to 1.

Other Inside bets include; “Split” (17 to 1), “Row” (11 to 1), “Corner/Four Number” (8 to 1), “Six Number” (5 to 1), “Column bet” (2 to 1) and “Dozens” (2 to 1).

Outside bets:

These are mainly “Even-Money bets” and include

  • Red or Black bet: Players bet on which coloured pocket the spinning ball will land. Players do this by placing their respective chips in the pockets which cover either all of the red or all of the black coloured numbers. The single zero for European Roulette or double zero for American Roulette is not part of the bet. The payout here is 1 to 1.

Other “Even-Money bets” are “Odd/Even” and “Low and High bet”. The latter involves a player betting on whether the ball will fall on a set of low numbers (1 to 18) or on a set of high numbers (19 to 36). 

Roulette Rules on Future Outcomes

Some of the Roulette rules on future outcomes from the spinning of the wheel include:

  • The laws of probability really do not work with the Roulette game.
  • You cannot make any plausible prediction simply by observing the outcome of previous Roulette wheel spins.
  • Each Roulette wheel spin is unique. 
  • In truth, there is no Roulette strategy that offers players a relative advantage in beating the house.

Types of Betting Systems

Finally, in a Roulette game, players try to outwit the house by using a number of betting systems, two of which include:

  • Martingale: This is a progressive type betting system where a player doubles his/her bet after a loss. The assumption of this system is that sooner or later the player will win a bet with a 1 unit margin while also regaining their lost bets.
  • D’Alembert: Here a player reduces his/her bet by a single unit after a victory while increasing their bets also by a single unit after a losing wheel spin. The presumption here is that where one type of bet wins more often than the second type of bet, the odds of the second type of bet winning becomes greater.


Name: Roulette Rules And Betting Systems For Beginners
Author: Cosmic Casino
Published Date: 17/07/2019

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