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Random Number Generators: What are they?

Most gamblers in one online casino or the other must have at one time or the other heard of Random Number Generators (RNGs). While it does sound like a little grandiose, the term should be of much interest to gamblers of all stripes who want to know important facets of their gameplay activities.

Random Number Generators: What are they?

Random Number Generators have long been in use at all gaming companies, as well as in online casinos. While they do have an almost alien-like ring, they are used to ensure that the games are as totally fair and random as can be and that the casino cannot cheat nor rip off its customers. That is why they are so important in the gambling industry.

Understanding exactly what Random Number Generators are and what they do will serve to make gamblers feel safer when playing one casino game or the other. So, kindly read on as we go into more detail on a very fascinating subject- Random Number Generators.

Fairness Assured by Random Number Generators

The Random Number Generator works behind the scenes to assure that all games are fair as the laws of probability can make them. They are also referred to as RNG and take the form of a programmed chip in a slot machine, or a computer algorithm/program in an online casino.

With this in place, wins and losses during casino games like slots come in a truly fair and random manner, with payouts and losses being accurately reflected too.

Uses of Random Number Generators

The RNG is employed in casinos to assure the fairest gameplay outcome. With it in place, players know that the gameplay outcome is not being manipulated by a casino employee, but is instead totally up to lady luck.

How Does It Work?

The RNG employed by online casinos works by using both a seed number and an algorithm. Some current websites and apps employ algorithms to present options to users that are perfectly in tune with their needs and expectations.

For online casinos, a computer selects a number as a base, following a preset algorithm and some rules arrive at a totally new number. As an example, the base or seed number might be the number 4. This number is then according to the algorithm divided and/or multiplied till a totally new number like, say, 11 is created.

Once the new random number has been randomly generated, it is used to make commands that the game has been set to obey. Every number generated by the RNG has applications for the game it supports, with this application ranging from triggering bonuses to assuring wins or losses. 

However, worth noting is the fact that Random Number Generators are strictly speaking not totally random. This is because they make use of a known seed number and algorithm, which means they do not render purely random outcomes. This fact does not, however, detract in the least from the ability of the RNG to consistently render outcomes that are as random as possible.

RNG Check-Ups

The RNG of all casinos is frequently examined top to bottom by trusted external auditors. These folk checks that the RNG is as random as can be and that the casino concerned is not tampering with gameplay outcomes. The casino thrills its clientele to the limit with its RNG-equipped games.


Name: Random Number Generators: What are they?
Author: Cosmic Casino
Published Date: 01/07/2019

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