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Meaning of House Edge in Online Casino Games

Regardless of whether you are a regular player at the online casino or visit it once in a while, it’s important to understand the significant terminologies used by casinos and how they impact your gameplay and winnings. It’s likely that at some point you would have heard of a house edge. Just in case you aren’t familiar, this guide can help you understand what a casino house edge is so that you can enhance your winning opportunities against it when playing your favourite online casino games

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What Is a House Edge in Online Casino Games?

Also referred to as the casino’s advantage, the casino house edge is the profit that a casino earns. This is expressed as a percentage of the amount that a player stakes originally. It is calculated over some time and can determine the advantage that the casino has as a result of your average loss to your initial wager. There are a few situations through the gameplay when the house edge becomes more relevant. For instance, when players play many hands or place a series of bets, the chance of a house edge also increases. So, when players play for a longer duration, they approach the house edge faster. However, one must remember that this does not imply that you’ll lose when you play for long because there are several other factors involved in the process of winning. Your winning opportunities could be influenced by the strategies you devise to approach online casino games, the discipline you follow in terms of betting and keeping a close check on your bankroll and above all your fortune certainly has a role to play.

House edge is something that you must be aware of as an informed player so that you don’t end up unnecessarily hitting a losing streak. This can help you make comprehensive choices when handpicking online casino games so that you can select those games that enhance the scope of you taking over the house. 

Can Players Influence the House Edge in Online Casino Games?

Now that’s a vital question which several players fend answers for. The house can be reduced although it requires the application of certain strategies to do so. Several online casino games are known to be advantageous to players when they are approached with strategies. For instance, classic table online casino games such as Blackjack and Roulette other than being chance-based games come with the possibility of applying tricks to increase the odds of winning. So when you use a strategy, you tend to keep a close watch on your moves and that of the dealer and fellow players as well which helps in strategizing to your advantage rather than just play a game based on intuition. This enhances the opportunity of increasing your advantage against the house edge. 

Which Online Casino Games Come with a House Edge?

Almost every casino table game comes with a house edge. Whether you play online slots, poker, table games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat or any other game, there is a certain percentage preserved as the house edge. Depending on the casino rules, the percentage could vary a little but is often generic. For instance, in a Live Blackjack game, the casino house edge could range between 0.48% and 0.69%. Whether you are playing Live Baccarat, Sic Bo, Three Card Poker, Casino Hold’em or any other game, it’s best to understand the house advantage before beginning your game. 

Well, if you are still thinking as to how casinos reserve an advantage on slots, this is how they do it. Slot games are one of the largest channels of profit for online casinos and yes that’s exactly why they pack their catalogue with so many video slot games. Slot games offer relatively low Return to Player and this is where the casinos stand a fair chance of reaping profits. 

Slot games allow players to win by matching symbols across a winning pay line. Most casinos offer slot games that are designed to have anywhere between 20-100 pay lines. The numbers of pay lines look attractive to players as they bring amplified winning chances. However, not many players know that the larger the number of pay lines on a slot machine, the higher the impact of the house edge. For example, playing on a slot machine that offers 10 pay lines as against another that offers 20 pay lines, your winning chances are greater on the latter but if you lose you automatically make way for the casino to take advantage. 

How to Apply House Edge Knowledge When Playing Online Casino Games?

Just staying informed on house edge is good enough to effectively reduce your chances of losing with the casino. Online casino games that come with higher house edge payout lesser on an average in the long run. This indicates that games with lower house edge payout more in the long term. 

When you opt to play progressive jackpot slots, it’s crucial to know that these games payout like any other slot game. The only difference is that you will be playing against a network of players who pool money into the same pot as you to make it a massively paying out jackpot. There are jackpot titles from leading software providers that offer the best Return to Players (RTP) and these are worth a try!

In games such as Blackjack that blends both a player’s luck as well as knowledge of the game to decide on his winning opportunities, 0.5% house edge is regarded as a general indicator. For players who are completely new to the game, it’s possible that the house edge increases slightly for them. Also in other online casino games such as Poker where knowledge, practise and judgement command more power, players have a better scope of safeguarding their bankroll and minimising the casino house edge.


Name: Meaning of House Edge in Online Casino Games
Author: Cosmic Casino
Published Date: 05/08/2019

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