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Interesting Hidden Complexity of Online Slots

Many people have this notion that playing online slots games is as easy as a breeze. After all, you have to spin the wheel in one click and let it stop with another click. Had that been the case, we would have had millionaires all around us. We could have been millionaires! The online gambling sites consist of a lot of secrets that you may not understand right in the beginning. Some people go bankrupt in an attempt to make money even after constant losses. Therefore, I have compiled a list of 4 secrets that high-end gamblers may not share with you. 

Interesting Hidden Complexity of Online Slots

Top 4 Secrets of Online Slots

Winning is not guaranteed even if you crack all the secrets. The casino is at least 76% luck, and you got to accept the fact. Now check out the hidden complications that your slot machines must have within them. 

  • It Is Not Just About Spinning the Wheel

Many people assume that spinning the wheel will do all the tricks, and they may have higher chances of winning. You need to understand that it takes only a click to make the spinning wheel move. Mentally, it is way overwhelming. Gamblers decide the fate of the wheel on the basis of how the game works and the number of near-wins experience they have faced. In simpler terms, this is also known as Pay Distribution and Volatility. 

  • Art Comes First

The online slots are designed, keeping both maths and art in mind. Maths may increase your chances of hitting the jackpot. Art is what will attract customers to the game in the first place. Imagine a store with a boring outlook. You won’t like to visit the store. Will you? What if the store has some amazing collection for you? You will not be able to understand that since the outlook is boring. The art on the machines is also known as the Skin. These days you will come across attractive skins on the machines, and that is only to attract customers. 

  • Game Features Help a Lot

When a professional gambler checks out a game, he/she first checks out the art followed by the game features. If a game feature is successful, it can be used again in combination with other features or on another set of reels. The game features make the volatility and pay a distribution of the game way different from the others. A feature need not be evident all the time. You need to have an eye in identifying the right feature in your game. It can be a twist on a slot rule. It can also revolve around the wild symbols, increased number of free spins, etc. More the features, more easily you can interact with the online slots. 

  • New Math Features Make the Game More Complex

Game developers use innovative designs, different maths formulas, and techniques to create a unique new slot experience. For example, Bally brought forth a wheel bonus patent but lost the battle with IGT. The latter brought forth the concept of Wheel of Fortune, which as immensely loved by the customers worldwide. Similarly, Aristocrat also presented the feature of ‘Reel Power.’ Most of the companies tried to copy this strategy, and Aristocrat could not even sue them. So yes, the features of the game can create differences between several casino companies. It is because features can make the online slots unique. 


Slots can be fun. At the same time, it can make people go insane due to near-win experiences. Thus, the players must research properly and then engage themselves in playing the games. The online slots let you enjoy the fun of gambling right from the comfort of your home. So start playing now!


Name: Interesting Hidden Complexity of Online Slots
Author: Cosmic Casino
Published Date: 18/09/2019

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