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How Do Slot Paylines Works?

Few casino games can beat slot machines in popularity. Such popularity is due to the simple nature of slot games, and the lights, sounds and overall thrills they are generously loaded with.

How Do Slot Paylines Works?

Slot machines have been replaced by online slots. These offer some pretty stunning entertainment possibilities and are now the most profitable form of online gambling known to man.

So, exactly how has slot machines evolved and how do slot paylines work? Read on and get sweetly enlightened.

Slot Paylines Works Like a Dream

While they might not appear similar, online slots and the mechanical slots of the previous era are pretty much the same and follow identical principles. Once these have been known and understood, folks can master the slot machine gameplay.

Now, every slot machine ever made comes with the following features:

  • Balance – This refers to the sum in the player account that can be used solely for gambling purpose.

  • Display Box – This box alerts players about their wins and the amount won.

  • Paytable – This contains very useful information about the value of the icons and how wins can be formed.

  • Reels – This shows icons and the spins formed on them.

  • Bet Per Line – This explains how much can be wagered per line on a spin.

  • Paylines – These are either fixed or flexible and it is here where winning icons are landed.

  • Play/Spin – This is a handle or button that when clicked or pulled spins up the reels.

  • Maximum Bet – This refers to the maximum permissible wager per bet.

Now that is out of the way, read on for an explanation of a slot payline and how slot paylines works.

Slot Paylines Works Up the Brain Matter

The slot payline is also referred to as the winning line or betting line. It is the icon combination that when landed somewhere on the reels forms a win.

In the earliest slot machines, just a single payline was featured. To record a win, players on such slots had to land 3 identical icons on a horizontal line.

These days, slot paylines are nearly infinite, though 20 to 30 paylines are common. The payline structure has also changed and can now be diagonal, zigzag, vertical, trapezium and so on instead of strictly horizontal.

More, in some slots, the paylines are fixed, with the result that the player is obliged to bet on all the paylines, whether this is desired or not. Other slots have flexible paylines, with these making it possible for players to use as many paylines as they are comfortable with. Flexible slots are convenient, but in slots with progressive jackpots, players are required to make use of all the available paylines.

Worth remembering is that regardless of the direction of the reel spin or the number of available paylines, the number of icons that can appear on the payline is proportional to the size of the said payline. As such, on a 6 reel slot, only 6 icons can appear on the payline.

The Slot Paylines Works As Advertised

The very first mechanical slot machine was invented by an American auto mechanic called Charles Fey. This slot was called the “Liberty Bell” and was crafted in the years between 1885 and 1897.

The Liberty Bell had 3 reels and 1 payline. For a win to be recorded, players had to line up 3 bells, hence, the name.

The Liberty Bell slot was not invented for gambling. Instead, Fey put it together to keep his customers entertained when he was engaged in repairing their faulty automobiles.

The Turn of Poker

In the year 1891, Sittman & Pitt unveiled the very first Poker gambling machine that was regarded as being the first ancestor of modern-day slot machines. Exactly who between Charles Fey and Sittman & Pitt first invented their machine is hotly disputed. Still, neither of the 2 were available to the general public till the very last year of the 19th century.

The Poker machine of Sittman & Pitt was externally similar to a slot machine. Its paylines, however, consisted of winning Poker hands. Once wins were recorded, the winners were offered variable items like free drinks, sweets, cigars and the like, according to the capabilities of the establishment hosting the contraption.

Electromechanical Slot Machines Show Up with a Will

By 1964, technology and public tastes had advanced enough for Billy Manufacturing to introduce the first electromechanical slot. This was called the Money Honey and was internally electrical rather than mechanical. It also boasts flashing lights and strident sounds.

Soon after, other slot machines patterned after it began to be produced, with these having an increasing number of paylines.

Video and Multi-Line Payline Slots Make a Splash

The first video slot was produced during the 1970s. This was called the Fortune Coin and was produced by a cheery chap by the name of Walt Fraley.

The multi-line slots began appearing in the 1990s. As the name implies, these slots had multiple paylines, which is important because adding more paylines to a slot boosts the winning chances of players.


Slot paylines works to make it possible for players to land a win. Slots and their paylines have immensely evolved over the years and have grown to become the most popularly and outstanding way of tapping into pretty much thrills.


Name: How Do Slot Paylines Works?
Author: Cosmic Casino
Published Date: 14/08/2019

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