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Top 3 Highest Positions At A Casino & Their Job Roles

Jobs at a casino may seem luxurious, but a great deal of hard work goes behind the scenes. It is no easy feat to execute long hours of stooping and keeping a watch on card counters or other illegal activities that may take place on the floor. Also, it doesn’t seem even a tad easier to stand, walk, or even talk to make the entire place lively and encourage people to keep on playing. In my opinion, it is no less than the art of working here years after years.

Top 3 Highest Positions At A Casino & Their Job Roles

Top 3 Highest Paid Positions You Can Apply for At a Casino

The designations mentioned below are from the general casinos. Now things may be a little different in case of tribal category. These prefer people from their tribe first over other candidates. Anyway, the highest paid jobs are as follows:

Slot Host

The job of a slot host can vary depending on the type of casino he/she is working. Some locations may ask the person to be an actual host, greet people, and ask information to casino patrons. These candidates are usually placed at the centre of the casino. Thus, people can find them and clarify their doubts easily.

Other places may ask the host to be an attendant. They would have to walk the floors, check out if any issues are persisting and report them to the higher authorities on time.

Other necessary job roles of a slot host are:

  • Respond to the customers with regards to service requests like slot candle lights, radio, and slot dispatch
  • Resolve problems and conflicts on the floor
  • Provide supreme customer service to the customers.
  • Resolve minor malfunctions in the machines and coins

Slot hosts are expected to be fantastic hosts and great promoters of the business. They could promote the business through excellent customer services.

Slot Supervisor

This position is like the heart of the floor. You need to report to the slot manager, and you also need to control all the actions that may take place in the slots area. This job is quite toilsome since you have to constantly be on the floor, monitor the issues in the slots area, and help the customers out in the best way possible. All these take up a lot of hard work and dedication.

Experience is very important in this case. You need to have at least a year of experience working in the department of slots. Also, you need to complete your graduation before applying for this position.

Other necessary job roles of a slot supervisor are:

  • Determine and resolve issues of your customers
  • Train new employees in the slot area
  • Inspect and deliver appraisals of employees
  • Confirm large payouts according to strict policies
  • Form and manage the schedule of all the slot employees

It is important to understand that companies can change the way employees are supposed to work. But, the job duties mentioned above are the general ones. Do you know someone who works or has worked in this position? It is good to talk to him/her for more information.

Pit Clerk

A pit clerk is someone who monitors the table games. They are the ones who keep track of the people approaching the table games and betting. They need to have a sharp eye for identifying card counters or cheaters. Pit clerks are hired for many reasons, such as:

  • To track customers for comp points
  • Enhanced security
  • To help dealers
  • To clear the tables as and when required

To be a pit clerk, you need to have at least a year of experience in the field of data entry jobs. You must know how to make a ten-key machine work and get hold of certifications approved by the gaming commission. These criteria will make the process of clearing the interview way easier for you.

Other necessary job roles of a pit clerk are:

  • Get IDs from supervisors of the floor
  • Make sure that all the markets are placed at the right location
  • Verify the credits of customers
  • Inspect the cast transactions

You will earn quite a handsome salary as a pit clerk. You can even do it as an hourly job or work overtime for extra pay.

Well, these are the best positions you can work for at a casino. Study hard and work even harder to make your dream job true.


Name: Top 3 Highest Positions At A Casino & Their Job Roles
Author: Cosmic Casino
Published Date: 09/09/2019

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