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California Roulette: Should You Consider Playing It?


Overall these years, different kinds of Roulette variations were invented. Several variants are responsible for offering mini wheels while others are responsible for putting multiple balls in online games. These games might sound radical, but they are not different in comparison to the classic version, like California Roulette. This variation is responsible for using different pieces of equipment in several respects. 

You might be of the thought that Roulette is an extremely popular game, which can be discovered in the casino establishments, whether online or offline, but you have to understand that this game is outlawed in the American State of California. Under the gambling laws of California, games in which the result is going to be decided by balls or dice should be banned. However, the argument is completely based on the games that involve chance and the ones that involve skill. The legislators of California are of the thought that since Roulette is a game, which involves the spinning wheel, it is considered to be a game that is completely based on chances. However, the card games, which include Baccarat, are considered to be a game of skill. In the year 2014, California legalized Roulette, and it came to be known as California Roulette. 

How is California Roulette Known to Work?

This variation of Roulette is responsible for resembling the versions that are normally offered in the casinos. It is responsible for featuring the normal table of Roulette along with the board. However, the main difference between classic Roulette and California Roulette is that the traditional Roulette wheel is normally replaced with a deck of cards. 

Characteristics of California Roulette setup

Given below is a list of the characteristics of the setup of California Roulette. 

  • A spinning wheel with slots for holding the cards.

  • 38 cards or slots on the spinning wheel, which are responsible for representing the American wheel.

  • The cards vary between red and black suits, like black pockets or red pockets on a regular wheel.

  • The cards are numbered between 1-36, 00, and 0.

Apart from cards and wheels, which look funky, California Roulette is almost like standard Roulette only. Every round starts with the players putting the chips on the board. The dealer is responsible for spinning the wheel and will eventually call out, “no more bets.” As soon as the wheel comes to a halt, the pointer indicates a winning card. The croupier takes the card from the slot, and he will also show the table. Winning cards are responsible for featuring both colours (red or black) as well as a number. 

What are the chances associated with winning at California Roulette?

It has already been mentioned that this game is completely based on the game of American Roulette, and therefore, the game has a house edge of 5.26%. This figure is responsible for coming from two house-friendly pockets of the wheel, which include double zero and zero. The math is given as follows:

  • 2 pockets, which favour the house

  • 38 numbers

  • 2/38 = 5.26%

You are going to face a 5.26% house advantage with all the bet present on the Roulette board. The one exception that you should know about is undoubtedly the “basket” wager, which is responsible for carrying a 7.66% house edge. This particular bet is normally made on 00, 0, 1, 2, as well as 3. You should be keeping the chips away from this area because of the house advantage. Most of the games of California Roulette are responsible for featuring the American wheel. This is true for the standard games of Roulette that can be found both in the Atlantic City as well as Vegas. 

Is California Roulette treated unfairly?

Roulette indeed received favouritism after the approval of the card-based version in the year 2004. However, it is still not the favourite, especially when the state politicians are concerned. You will find it even more confusing when you go through the entire list of games that have been excluded or approved. Baccarat is a game, which is responsible for involving chances, just like Roulette, but it has still been approved. 

Roulette is responsible for involving a similar strategy like that of Baccarat. If you are opting for the French or European version, you will be responsible for lowering the house advantage to 2.70% as well as 1.35%. However, the politicians have approved California Roulette thankfully, or there would be no legal way of enjoying this amazing and interesting game. 


Name: California Roulette: Should You Consider Playing It?
Author: Cosmic Casino
Published Date: 15/11/2019

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