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All About Edge Sorting

Ever heard of Edge Sorting? It refers to a technique, one that is used by players to note the cut patterns found at the back of some card decks. In theory, all the cards in a card deck are supposed to be identical when seen from the back, but this is not always the case. So, if there are identifiable differences, players can use this to gain an edge and possibly enhance their winning chances.

All About Edge Sorting

The Single-Mindedness of Edge Sorting

The skilled player can use Edge Sorting to gain a considerable advantage during a casino table game. As an example, let’s say that during a card game all but two of the cards in a card deck are identical. The difference between the two cards and the rest of the cards are minute, but a sharp-eyed player can spot this provided the identified cards are useful and can profit from the knowledge.

Edge Sorting is normally accomplished by noting the pattern on the edges of the cards. This pattern differs depending on the importance or otherwise of the particular card. Thus, an Edge Sorting expert can tell by a glance if the pattern of a card can turn the tide during the gameplay.

Edge Sorting can be quite useful during card games like Blackjack. It serves as a way for astute players to identify those cards whose worth ranges from 10 to ace. An advantage can then be gained by making sure the identified cards have an edge in a certain direction, while the rest of the cards have an edge in another direction.

Once the cards in the card deck have been identified, this knowledge can then be used to influence betting patterns. Say, the player is certain that the next card drawn will result in a bust, he/she will refrain from drawing that hand. On the other hand, should the player be certain that the next card will be an ace and enable the formation of a Blackjack hand, he/she will use this foreknowledge to boost the wager and play accordingly.

Edge Sorting Takes Work

Edge Sorting despite the demonstrable advantages is not easy to pull off. The cards in play must have a really clear and asymmetrically repeated pattern. The cards must also be viewable all through the gameplay.

For optimum success, a strict procedure must be in place for the act of playing and dealing out the cards. This serves to ensure that the cards once collected from players do not have their edges disturbed or disrupted, which would make them unreadable to the edge sorter.

The Legality Aspect

Is Edge Sorting illegal? Well, that depends on who the question is directed to and the particular time of the day!

At the moment, a fierce debate is ongoing in most regions of the world as to the legality or otherwise of Edge Sorting. Some casinos have even sued players who edge sorted, considering it to be a form of cheating. Perhaps, the most popular such case is the one brought by Crockfords Casino against the duo of Cheung Yin Sun and Phil Levy, who was accused of Edge Sorting and thereby gaining an unfair advantage.

This term is also often confused with card marking, which is illegal. The edge sorter, however, never marks the cards. Instead, he/she memorise the card pattern and make use of flaws in this pattern to gain an advantage. Whether this advantage is illegal or not is for the courts to decide soon.

Is It for Everyone?

Well, just about anyone with a working brain cell can utilise Edge Sorting. It requires no special skills apart from focus, alertness and memorisation and should be pretty easy for anyone to pull off.

Worth noting is that using a card defect to enforce a gameplay advantage is not illegal. However, craftily manipulating the dealer by requesting that they rotate cards, or stipulating the use of an automatic shuffler can be regarded as cheating says the UK High Court in its ruling against Paul Ivey, who was alleged to have cleverly manipulated an unwitting dealer.

So, should casino table game players notice a card defect, they can use Edge Sorting to gain an advantage, without worrying about being sued for this. Manipulating the game in connivance with a clueless dealer is however forbidden.


Name: All About Edge Sorting
Author: Cosmic Casino
Published Date: 28/08/2019

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